November 29, 2022

Following the bloodiest fighting between the two former Soviet republics since 2020, which claimed around to 100 lives of soldiers, new hostilities between Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out on Wednesday.

In the confrontations on Tuesday, at least 49 Armenian and 50 Azerbaijani soldiers died. Yerevan and Baku each laid the blame for the fighting at the other’s feet, which caused Russian President Vladimir Putin to call for calm.

Due to the military ties between Russia and the invasion of Ukraine, there are concerns that there may be another significant armed confrontation in the former Soviet Union.

On Wednesday, the Armenian defence ministry accused Azerbaijan, which receives political and military support from Turkey, of launching a new onslaught with small arms, mortars, and artillery.

It went on to reiterate Armenia’s contention that Azerbaijan committed attacks on its sovereign territory, saying “the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border remained tense.”

“The reports of shelling along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, including attacks on towns and civil infrastructure inside Armenia, profoundly concern the US. We demand an immediate cessation of all military hostilities “Blinken stated in a formal press release.

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