December 5, 2022

The volcano beneath New Zealand’s largest lake, which last erupted some 1,800 years ago and created the largest eruption on Earth in the previous 5,000 years, had its alert level raised by experts there on Tuesday.

Geological agency GeoNet announced in a statement that it had increased the volcanic warning level from 0 to 1 after discovering around 700 minor earthquakes beneath Lake Taupo, the caldera formed by the enormous volcano.

Although the six escalating degrees of unrest that make up the volcano warning system are used, Geonet points out that eruptions can happen at any level and that the levels may not always shift in order as activity can change quickly.

GeoNet stated that although there has previously been unrest and the likelihood of an eruption remained extremely low, this was the first time it had upgraded the Taupo Volcano warning level to 1.
It warned that “the earthquakes and deformation could persist for the upcoming weeks or months.”

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