December 4, 2022

An AI-powered virtual humanoid robot has been picked by the Chinese metaverse company to serve as its CEO . Last week, the official announcement was made.

Tang Yu, the humanoid robot, will be overseeing operations at China’s NetDragon Websoft, making her the first robot to hold an executive position in a company, according to a report in the UK publication The Metro.

The source claimed that in addition to creating mobile applications, NetDragon Websoft also creates and manages multiplayer online games.

The organisation and operational parts of the business, which is worth close to $10 billion, will be handled by Tang Yu.

The new CEO will increase execution speed, enhance the quality of work responsibilities, and optimise process flow, the company said in a press release. Additionally, it was stated that the robot will serve as a real-time data centre and analytical tool, enabling reasoned decision-making in routine operations. According to the statement, Tang Yu will help increase the effectiveness of the risk management system.

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