December 7, 2022

An air strike caused shockwaves across the world when at least 13 people, mostly schoolchildren, were allegedly killed by the military in Myanmar when it was deployed to deal with the rebels.

A few days ago, an army helicopter opened fire on a school housed in a Buddhist monastery in a village without first verifying the presence of rebels, which resulted in the terrible occurrence at the home of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Some peasants were allegedly slain from point blank range during the purportedly inhumane offensive. After the armed troops carried out an operation to sweep out the supposed rebels, a few more residents of the little hamlet died. The military units fighting the rebellion believed it to be a safe haven for the insurgents. Since the media was not permitted to attend the scene, the specifics of the bloodbath remained undisclosed. Others, though, were able to get away from the area.

The Sagain region’s school strike was acknowledged by the military junta. In the same breath, however, they denied the shadow government’s claims that it was responsible for the deaths of the students during the strike. According to army officials, the attack was started in Let Yet Kone with the charge that rebel organisations including the Kachin Independence Army and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) were employing students as human shields.

The pro-democracy National Unity Government (NUG) lambasted the junta, accusing them of focusing on the schools. There were reportedly 20 more instructors and students detained during the strike. The NUG also called for the instructors and students’ immediate and complete release.

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