December 8, 2022

Despite the inflationary pressure that has raised the price of many other common things, Apple’s newest line-up of iPhones will include better cameras, faster processors, and a longer lasting battery at the same pricing as last year’s model. Many observers projected that Apple would ask its ardent customers to pay up to 15% extra to help offset growing component costs. Apple’s new iPhones have largely included minor improvements to cameras and battery life.

A 48-megapixel camera in the Pro and Pro Max models, which the manufacturer claims would generate particularly sharp images, is one of the most recent upgrades. The 12-megapixel sensors on the Pro and Pro Max models for the iPhone 13 are standard. High-end versions will enable the device to remain lit even when the device is locked. This functionality has already been present on many smartphones running Google’s Android operating system.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be able to send SOS messages via a new satellite capability starting in November. This safety feature enables users to call for assistance when they are in isolated places without a wifi connection. All iPhone 14 versions will come equipped with a motion sensor that can recognise serious auto accidents and immediately contact emergency personnel. Consumers have reduced their spending on numerous discretionary items as inflation continues to remain at its highest level in 40 years

(source : AP)

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