November 29, 2022

Apple announced on Monday that it has started assembling the new iPhone 14 at the Foxconn plant in India, marking the first time in many years that a new iPhone is being produced there just weeks after its release internationally. In the fourth quarter, the domestically produced iPhone 14 will go on sale in the nation as the corporation expands its domestic production. The new iPhone 14 is being put together by Foxconn at its Sriperumbudur facility close to Chennai.

“Significant safety features and ground-breaking new technology are featured in the new iPhone 14 series. We’re thrilled to be producing the iPhone 14 in India “In a statement, Apple stated. With the release of the iPhone SE in 2017, the tech giant first began producing iPhones in India. The electronics giant produces some of its most technologically advanced iPhone models there, including the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13, in the Foxconn factory, while the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 are put together at the Wistron plant.

According to a JP Morgan research, Apple is projected to relocate 5% of its new iPhone 14 production to India by the end of this year and 25% by 2025 as India increases its focus on domestic manufacturing of technology products. Analysts had previously projected that Apple would produce its new iPhones in India this year for only around six weeks less than it did in China.

The Foxconn and Wistron manufacturing plants in India may produce the Apple iPhone 15 next year at the same precise production period as China. “In the past, only legacy variants of the iPhone were provided by India. Contrary to popular belief, Apple has asked EMS vendors to produce iPhone 14/14 Plus models in India in 4Q22, two to three months after manufacturing begins in Mainland China “the JP Morgan report states.

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The research stated that “the significantly shorter interval reflects the rising importance of India production and probably bigger iPhone allocations to India manufacturing in the future.” According to the report, “We believe Apple only manufactures iPhone 14/14 Plus models in India presently because to the stronger local market demand for the iPhone 14 series (tax savings) and the more difficult camera module alignment of the iPhone Pro series (done by EMS vendors).” Apple’s ‘Make in India’ iPhones may represent close to 85% of the company’s total iPhone output for the nation this year, encouraged by the country’s business-friendly regulations and supportive local manufacturing industry.

(source : IANS)