December 4, 2022

Healthy hair and nails are frequently regarded as indicators of good health. Layers of keratin, a protein, make up the fingernail structure. Healthy nails typically have a smooth surface, no lines or pits, and they do not peel off easily. Do not worry if your nails are fragile and frequently peel. We’ve got your back. By making specific lifestyle and dietary modifications, you can grow strong  healthy nails. Along with consuming a healthy, balanced diet, we have compiled a list of simple hacks and methods that will help you grow attractive nails.

Here are 6 tips to grow healthy nails:

1. Reduce exposure to water

If you soak your nails in water for a very long time, it may soften and eventually break. Use gloves to protect your nails when doing things like washing dishes. While having a bath, avoid letting your hands get too wet.

2. Check the nail products you are using

Many nail colors and treatments contain potent chemicals that can potentially weaken nails. Avoid using nail polish remover with acetone since it might damage nails. Look for nontoxic nail paints and soaks as well as acetone-free polish remover.

3. Shorten your nails.

People’s recommendations to sometimes cut your hair and nails make sense. It is conceivable that the nails may not receive the necessary nutrients if they grow very long, leaving them brittle and fragile. We must not overlook the fact that longer nails have a higher propensity to break due to obstructions.

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4. Regularly moisturize your nails

By applying hand cream to the nails from the cuticles to the tips, you may nourish and strengthen thin nails while preventing more damage from occurring from moisture.

5. Give Your Gel Or Acrylic Nails a Break

Your attitude will always be improved by a good manicure and fresh nails, but regular trips to the nail salon might weaken and break your natural nails. Before doing two nail sessions, it’s vital to stop using gel nails and take a breathing break. Also, refrain from routinely painting your nails. Their quality of life and health would improve with a breathing pause.

6. Avoid using hand sanitizers directly

Because of the pandemic, we have grown fairly accustomed to using sanitizers. However, you must use caution while spraying them on your nails because the alcohol content causes unneeded drying out of the nails, which makes them brittle. Apply the hand sanitizers; do not spray them over the nails.