November 29, 2022

Jeff Bezos’ space travel company Blue Origin launched a rocket but it turns out to be a launch mishap. The rocket crashed back to Earth shortly after takeoff, but the experiment-carrying capsule was able to parachute to safety.

The Blue Origin trip, which used the same type of rocket as the one that takes paying clients to the edge of space, had no passengers on board. The Federal Aviation Administration announced that the rockets have been grounded pending the conclusion of an investigation.

Little more than a minute had passed since the West Texas launch of the New Shepard rocket when intense yellow flames emerged from the area surrounding the bottom engine. The emergency launch abort system of the capsule immediately engaged, lifting the ship off the surface.

The capsule descended into the desolate desert floor few minutes later. At a height of over 8,500 metres, the rocket was travelling at a speed of nearly 1,126 kph when the accident happened.
The New Shepard programme, named after the first American in space, Alan Shepard, flew for the 23rd time. This specific rocket-capsule duo, which was used to conduct flying experiments, made its ninth flight.

(source : AP)

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