November 29, 2022

Bianca Andreescu, a former US Open winner, criticised Nike after making a wardrobe mistake during her matchup with Harmony Tan in the opening round of the US Open 2022 on Monday. Windy circumstances on the court caused Andreescu to ask the chair umpire for an additional break so she could change her attire, leaving her in a pickle.

The Canadian superstar won easily against Tan, advancing to the second round with a score of 6-0, 3-6, 6-1. But there was drama during the game as persistent winds kept blowing Andreescu’s skirt away, making her angry enough to ask the umpire if she may leave and change.

Before leaving the court to change into a different outfit, Andreescu made it clear that the break would not count toward the player’s allocated one toilet break. She was overheard criticising the sponsor, Nike, for her “poor outfit” as she walked up to the umpire.

“Will this not count as one of my changeovers? I mean it is not my fault, it’s Nike’s fault,” she told the chair umpire.

“This outfit is just awful. I have to leave; this is terrible,” She spoke out.

“It was just that I felt like it was kind of coming up a bit. Obviously, the wind did nOt help,” Andreescu told reporters after her surprising outfit request during the game led to confusion.

“But I meant no disrespect with what I said to the umpire. I was trying to convince him to not take away that washroom break because I know we only get two. He was very nice to say it was totally okay.

“I could have used a different choice of wording. So I apologize to anyone I disrespected. I love Nike and I hope I can be with them for the rest of my life,” she added.

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