November 29, 2022

According to defence officials, security personnel detonated a bomb from World War II that was discovered during digging in eastern Manipur on Saturday. According to Lt Col A.S. Walia, a spokesman for the defence department, the bomb was found by people excavating nearby in the Kamjong district of Myanmar. After receiving the information, security forces securely moved the bomb away from populous areas for disposal with the help of local police, and a team from the army bomb disposal unit used the “Violent Technique” to safely dispose of the 250 lb explosive.

This process involves placing calculated explosives in a precise and technical manner before starting a controlled blast to destroy the bomb. A joint team of the Manipur Police and paramilitary personnel made sure that 250 inhabitants and their varied livestock and domestic animals living within a 2-kilometer radius of the blast location could be safely evacuated before detonating the massive bomb. According to the defence PRO, the explosive was properly destroyed without causing any unwanted incidents. Several bloody skirmishes took place in northeastern India during World War II as Japanese forces advanced into Manipur and Nagaland during their invasion of British India.

(source : IANS)

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