December 4, 2022

After Pakistan defeated Afghanistan in the ongoing Asia Cup 2022 cricket match on Wednesday in Sharjah, there have been reports of clashes between the teams’ fans.

Mohsin Dawar, a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly from North Waziristan, claims that Pakistan’s long-standing “strategic depth policy” and “interventionist blunders in Afghanistan” are to blame for Afghans’ issues with Pakistan.

The use of a cricket match as a “excuse” to direct “racist invective” on Afghanistan supporters, according to Dawar, is “shamelessness.”

“Using a cricket match as an excuse to hurl racist abuse against Afghans is peak shamelessness. Pakistan’s decades-old strategic depth policy and interventionist misadventures in Afghanistan are why Afghans have a problem with Pakistan. Introspect before belittling Afghans,” tweeted Dawar who is also the Chairman Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Cricket Stadium allegedly began to suffer damage from the Afghan fans. According to reports, angry Afghan fans attacked Pakistan fans inside the stadium because they were unable to contain their emotions. People’s support for the sides became polarised shortly after social media users began sharing videos of the violence.

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