December 4, 2022

There could be a political and constitutional crisis if the government of Nepal and the president of the nation disagree over citizenship legislation. Here are five points on the story in light of Nepalese President Bidhya Devi Bhandari’s refusal to sign proposed changes to the citizenship law:

  1. According to a Reuters report, the proposed bill would grant citizenship certificates to children whose parents’ whereabouts were unknown, resulting in the issuance of citizenship certificates to more than 500,000 persons who would then be eligible to vote.
  2. The bill will also provide citizenship documents to Nepalis who are citizens of other countries, enabling them to conduct business in the nation.
  3. The law has twice been approved by a large majority in the Nepal parliament.
  4. The president denied many Nepalis their right to citizenship by rejecting the measure, according to five key leaders of the political parties in the ruling alliance.
  5. According to Nepal’s opposition parties, the law must contain a clause mandating that foreign women wait seven years before obtaining Nepali citizenship.

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