December 4, 2022

In the Italian election held on Sunday, Giorgia Meloni easily defeated her rivals, establishing herself as the nation’s first female prime minister and leading the most right-wing administration since World War II. According to predictions made by RAI, the state broadcaster, her alliance, which also included Matteo Salvini’s League and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, received roughly 43% of the vote. That would give the group at least 114 seats in the Senate, where a majority of 104 votes is needed.

Meloni began her political career in the 1990s as a far-right activist, and her campaigning is now characterized by vehement criticism of the European Union, immigrants, and LGBTQ communities. She has, however, also made an effort to reassure voters and investors by promising to bring Italy’s enormous debt under control and to defend Ukraine and its allies without hesitation.

Meloni told supporters in the wee hours of Monday in a somber speech at a hotel in the center of Rome, “We haven’t arrived. “This is a place to start. And we’ll have to prove our worth tomorrow.

President Sergio Mattarella will speak with party leaders following the announcement of the final results before virtually definitely appointing Meloni to form the new cabinet. Still, the process can take many weeks. On October 13, the newly constituted, 200 senatorial and 400 lower house legislators will convene for the first time.

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