November 29, 2022

The Indian market for personal computer, that includes desktop, notebook and workstations reported a high shipment record last year, in November. despite the global chip storage, Indian’s shipment for PC’s recorded 4.5 million units. But in the last four quarter Indian’s PC market has slumped under four million shipment, according to the latest reports by International Data Corporation (IDC). The market grew by 17.8% year-on-year, in India as per the report. It also suggests that the demand in Indian markets was high during the month of April to June, 2022.

“Online channels have been softening over the last few quarters . While high football in offline channels led to a positive quarter for consumers.” Bharat Shenoy , Senior Market Analyst, PC Devices , IDC India said. Another reason that led to the fall of market is due to reopening of educational institution, which wiped the demand for remote learning, added Shenoy.

IDC’s report further mentioned that notebook continued to drive the demand with over 2.6 million units being sold.

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