December 4, 2022

Neeraj Sharma, a student from Jaipur, was given a reward of Rs 38 lakh by Instagram for preventing the hacking of millions of accounts on social media. According to information, Sharma discovered a problem in Instagram that allowed any user to update their account’s thumbnails without logging in or entering a password. Sharma informed Facebook and Instagram of this error, and after they confirmed it to be true, they paid him Rs 38 lakh for his efforts.

He declared, “There was a glitch in Facebook’s Instagram that allowed any account to change the reel’s thumbnail. No matter how secure the account holder’s password is, all that was needed to alter it was the media ID. I first started noticing issues with my Instagram account in December of last year. After a lot of effort, I learned about Instagram’s error (bug) on the morning of January 31. After that, I reported this error to Facebook via Instagram at night, and three days later I got a response. It requested that I offer a demo, he explained.

By altering the thumbnail, Sharma demonstrated to them in five minutes. They accepted his report, and on the evening of May 11, he received a letter from Facebook informing him that he had been awarded a reward of $45,000. (about Rs 35 lakh). At the same time, Facebook also provided a bonus of $ 4500 (about Rs 3 lakh) in place of the incentive being given four months later than expected.

(source : IANS)

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