December 7, 2022

Amazon’s former CEO Jeff Bezos slamed a professor for her tweet about Queen Elizabeth II. When news reports stated that the queen was initially in a critical condition on Thursday, Dr. Uju Anya, a professor in the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University, tweeted about the situation.

“I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating,” Anya said. However, Twitter quickly deleted Anya’s message, claiming it violated company’s guidelines.

Bezos tweeted his own displeasure at Anya’s stance on a day when social media was dominated by emotional emotions to the passing of the British queen, from world leaders to arbitrary companies in the U.S.

She shot back at Bezos, writing, “May everyone you and your merciless greed have harmed in this world remember you as fondly as I remember my colonizers.”

In response to the professor’s remarks, the Carnegie Mellon University, on Thursday night, released a statement declaring that it “did not condone the offensive and objectionable messages.”

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