December 7, 2022

The US space agency, NASA, has stated that it will support three studies to examine the economic, social, and legislative concerns related to space sustainability and to comprehend the rising problem of space debris. One of the major problems of our day, according to Bhavya Lal, associate administrator for NASA’s Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy (OTPS), is orbital debris. According to a statement from Lal, “preserving our ability to exploit space is important to our economy, our national security, and our nation’s scientific and technology sector.”
The researcher continued, “These scholarships will support research to help us understand the dynamics of the orbital environment and explain how we can establish policies to reduce the impact of existing junk and limit the production of new trash.

The term “orbital debris” refers to human-made items in Earth’s orbit that are no longer useful, such as disassembled spacecraft, fragments from other spacecraft, and abandoned rocket stages.
As these items can harm spacecraft, threaten access to space, and obstruct the growth of a low-Earth orbit economy, including commercial participation, NASA takes the threat of orbital debris seriously. These new grants will help the agency’s commitment to tackling the issue by funding research.

(source : IANS)

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