December 7, 2022

Recently, Neha Kakkar released O Sajna, a cover of Falguni Pathak’s famous Maine Payal Hai Chhankai from the 1990s. While the song appears to have gained some fans—having received 18 million YouTube views in only four days—many people are not pleased with the version. Neha has come under fire from some fans for ‘ruining’ the original. Unexpectedly, Falguni, the singer of the original song, reposted several of these tweets on her own social media, sparking rumours that she is also dissatisfied with the tune.

On September 19, O Sajna made its YouTube debut. It is sung by Neha and has Jaani’s additional lyrics along with the original song’s melody and hook line. In addition to Neha, Priyank Sharma and Dhanashree Verma appear in the song video. Fans remarked that “no one can beat the original version” in the majority of comments on the YouTube video. Instagram users who were dissatisfied with the reproduction even published videos there while tagging Falguni and Neha.

Falguni reshared a number of these complaints and troll comments on Instagram Stories but didn’t respond. Viewers had posted messages like “stop tormenting us with your voice and with the remakes,” “Thank you s***ing once again on one of my favourite classics,” and “it cringes me watching O Sajna by Neha Kakkar,” among other things, in the posts she uploaded.

On Twitter, a lot of Falguni admirers reposted the singer’s Instagram Stories. One of these posts stated, “She’s reposting all the stories criticising Neha Kakkar.” As the majority of those posts were compliments of her, some admirers speculated that she might be spreading them. Others, though, were certain that she also disapproves of the revised version. One Twitter user stated, “She is upset too.”

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