December 8, 2022

The size of business choices also reflects a nation’s level of confidence. In the case of the Adani Group, this has been the case as we gain from India’s growth. Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani stated. “This positivity has given me wind in my sails and helped us become the most valuable company in India. My faith in the India growth story is fueled by this passion. Indians consider the sky’s blue colour to be a representation of the infinite. India’s time has come, and a democracy whose time has come cannot be stopped “declared Adani.

“In the upcoming ten years, the Group will invest over $100 billion in capital. 70% of this funding has been set aside for the energy transition sector. We are already the biggest solar player in the world, and we want to achieve much more. Adani New Industries is the embodiment of our wager in the area of energy transition in this aspect. We have committed to investing 70 billion dollars in a comprehensive value chain based on hydrogen “At the Forbes Global CEO conference in Singapore, Adani made a speech.

Therefore, the new company will add 45 GW of hybrid renewable power generation distributed over 100,000 hectares, which is an area 1.4 times the size of Singapore, to our existing 20 GW renewables portfolio. Three million metric tonnes of green hydrogen will eventually be commercialised as a result of this. We will construct 3 gigafactories in India as a result of our multifaceted business, Adani claimed. “We are currently constructing a 10 GW integrated wind-turbine manufacturing facility, a 5 GW hydrogen electrolyser factory, and a photovoltaic value chain based on silicon that will be backward-integrated from raw silicon to solar panels.

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Today, we can safely say that we have a good chance of first being one of the cheapest producers of the green electron and then the cheapest producer of green hydrogen. It completely changes the game for India and creates the hitherto unimaginable possibility that the country could one day become a net energy exporter, according to Adani.

(source : IANS)