December 7, 2022

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin met outside the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit taking place in the ancient Uzbek city of Samarkand.
The two presidents are meeting for the first time since Russia launched a conflict against its neighbour Ukraine in February of this year. According to reports, the two leaders also spoke on bilateral, regional, and international matters in addition to the ongoing battle.

According to available information from HT, Modi told Putin that there is no longer an era of war and food, fertiliser and fuel security are among the major concerns of the world today.

According to reports, Modi reportedly said to Putin, “I know that today’s era is not an era of war, and I have spoken to you on the phone about this.”

Putin allegedly responded by saying he recognised Modi’s worries about the conflict. “Your stance on the war in Ukraine and your worries are both known to me. We’d like for this to all be over as soon as possible. We’ll keep you informed of what’s going on there “According to Reuters news agency, Putin said.

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