December 4, 2022

As a result of the death of a 4-year-old girl in Qatar, the kindergarten where she studied has been closed, according to local media reports.

 In Qatar, Minsa Mariyam Jacob, a KG 1 student from Kerala, died on her birthday after being locked inside a school bus for hours. Apparently, she suffocated in a closed school van on Sunday morning.

The Springfield Kindergarten in Al Wakrah will be shut down as a result of the event, according to a statement from Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE). According to the UAE-based Khaleej Times, three people have been detained in relation to the event.

“After an investigation revealed the workers’ negligence, which was met with the harshest penalties, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education made the decision to close the private kindergarten that had witnessed the tragic accident that killed one of the female students and rocked the neighbourhood. The statement added, “The Ministry reaffirms its commitment to guaranteeing the safety and security of our students in our various educational institutions.

The private kindergarten was “short-staffed,” it was claimed, and that is why the child died.

Minsa had boarded the bus on Sunday morning, according to family sources, but fell asleep on the ride to the kindergarten. The bus’ crew crew closed the bus, took it to the parking lot, and then left without realising that a youngster was inside.

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The crew discovered the 4-year-old was unconscious when they returned to the car in the afternoon and hurriedly took her to the hospital, but they were unable to save her life. The infant may have died from suffocation due to the extreme heat, according to early accounts.

Minsa will be laid to rest in her hometown of Chingavanam in Kerala’s Kottayam district after her remains have undergone a two-day medical examination and have been flown to Kochi.