December 5, 2022

 Sikkim is one of the major hub for nature and thrill lover. The  mountainous state features spotless cities, charming towns, delicious food, lush surroundings, tourist attractions, fine culture, pleasant breezes, etc.

This northeastern state has enough adventures to slake the thirst of any adventure seeker who enjoys hiking, mountaineering, river rafting, mountain biking, or is willing to try something new and thrilling.  Don’t miss out on these adventure sports in Sikkim if you are considering a trip to this state.

Here are the adventurous sport you can take part in Sikkim to feel that adrenaline rush:


The River Teesta and River Rangit offer challenging, icy-cold rafting. It is one of the top adventure sports in Sikkim and will give you a strong adrenaline rush. Additionally, rafting is an activity that is available here for both novice and expert paddlers.

The banks of River Teesta and its tributary River Rangit are interspersed with verdant jungles, little mountain hamlets, and locations where terrace farming is practised. While you enjoy river rafting on either side of the River Rangit, you will see scattered communities dotting the terrain, giving you a sense of the expansive visual magnificence. On the banks of the river, camping is equally fun. These luxurious camps are constructed on fine, white sand. On your vacation to the northeast, this will be a distinctive experience.

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Sikkim, a singular and stunning region in the nation’s northeast, has a lot to offer. Travelers can partake in paragliding in Sikkim, which is a great location in the North-eastern . Additionally, the breathtaking views of the towering Himalayas and the lush environs is unmatch. One is accompanied by a trained paragliding specialist who controls the flight safely while letting you enjoy the experience. The “bird sport,” has already attained enormous appeal among Indians.

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savour the peace and see the spectacular beauty of the mountain. Trekking in Sikkim offers adventure seekers a variety of experiences. Nothing beats the view of the mountains, which appear to reach the heavens, for pure excitement. As  you ascend lush green pathways, it  will leave you in awe of the undisturbed natural magnificence. The state’s enormous, untouched mountain ranges are a hiker’s paradise, and its incredible variety of flora and wildlife is a nature lover’s paradise.

The Sandakphu Trek, Goecha La Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, Singalia Trek, Dzongri Trek, Rhododendron Trek, Monastic Trek, Lhaba Tarum Tsachu Trek, Tosar Lake Trek (North Sikkim), Himalayan Trek (South Sikkim), and Green Lake Trek are a few other well-known hiking routes in Sikkim.

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Rock climbing

Another exciting and difficult sport for individuals who live and breathe adventure sports is rock climbing in Sikkim. The majority of people who participate in rock climbing in Sikkim should be mentally strong and physically prepared because the routes are moderately difficult and were specifically designed with all the features the location has to offer.

The operator has all the necessary equipment, yet this activity necessitates training. In Gangtok, Bulbulay Dara is a well-liked location for this activity. Although it provides a strong adrenaline boost, this activity necessitates prior experience.

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Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is a sport that entails leaping from a high place while being fastened to a long elastic line. Imagine leaping from a height of 200 m and falling with a lovely view below you and a chilly wind on your face. It is a thrilling and  exhilarating adventure sport. Additionally, the Singhshore Bridge in Sikkim offers fantastic settings for bungee jumping. One can enjoy the beautiful vegetation and breathtaking  views apart from the thrill.

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