December 8, 2022

Sonu Sood is a name that is constantly in the news for the charitable work the actor has been performing since the Covid-19. He gained notoriety for the charitable work he and his team performed during the Covid crisis, reaching out to the migrant workers and assisting them in securely returning home. He didn’t stop there; he and his company also saw to it that the employees received the necessary medical care and financial perks so they could make ends meet during those difficult times.

A fan surprised Sood with a painting created with his own blood, which was an uncommon and highly thoughtful gesture. After receiving the present, Sood became emotional and expressed his gratitude to the fan. Considering how many people are in need of blood, he also suggested that the fan donate blood instead.

On the microblogging website Twitter, Sood posted a video of him accepting the present from Madhur Gurjar, a fan and fellow artist, in which he is heard encouraging the fan to donate blood rather than spend it on his painting.

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