December 8, 2022

The leading wireless provider in South Korea, SK Telecom, debuted a virtual human model on Monday to showcase its platform for support powered by artificial intelligence (AI). According to the firm, the female virtual model Sua, created by 3D graphics development company Onmind Inc., will make her debut as an SK Telecom model in advertisements for the company’s A. (A dot) AI help platform.

Sua is the first virtual human ever to be used as a product endorsement model in the nation’s communication business, claims SK Telecom. According to the Yonhap news agency, she will appear alongside K-pop artist Jang Won-young in A’s most recent promotional materials. Sua’s facial image was visually superimposed over the face of a genuine actress who played her part during the A. ad shoot, according to SK Telecom. The company’s AI-based speech synthesis technology was used to generate Sua’s voice.

Sua is the most recent in a line of recent virtual human development projects, mostly by gaming companies, introduced in South Korea, with Rozy being the most notable. Rozy is a virtual influencer made by video tech company Sidus Studio X, and she gained notoriety for appearing in several high-profile product commercials. An representative from SK Telecom stated, “In the future, we will integrate various technologies, such as AI, to our overall services and marketing.”

(source : IANS)

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