December 8, 2022

According to Taiwan’s weather agency, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the sparsely populated southeast of the island on Sunday, derailing train cars, bringing down a convenience store, and trapping hundreds of people on mountain roads.

The epicentre, according to the weather bureau, was in Taitung County and occurred after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck the same region on Saturday night but didn’t result in any fatalities.

The earthquake that occurred on Sunday was recorded by the USGS as having a magnitude of 7.2 and a depth of 10 kilometres (six miles).

According to Taiwan’s fire department, three persons whose vehicle went off a damaged bridge were also recovered and sent to the hospital, while all four people were saved from a structure holding a convenience store that collapsed in Yuli.
At Dongli station in eastern Taiwan, the Taiwan Railways Administration reported that six carriages came off the tracks after a portion of the platform roof collapsed, although the fire department reported no injuries.

Although there were no reported casualties and rescuers were attempting to restore the roads, the department reported that more than 600 people were stuck by blocked roads on the picturesque Chike and Liushishi mountain districts.

(source : Reuters)

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