December 7, 2022

The villages in South Garo Hills were one of the most sought after mythical places in A’chik history. Emangre is one of those villages which has numerous A’chik myths and one of the most well-known is “Dombe Wari” or “Dombe Lake”.

The villagers believed that there were mermen who were enchanted by the beauty of Dome Rani who was already been married to a man name Joreng.

Joreng adores his wife Dombe, however, his pride in having a goddess-like beauty wife would cause him misery.

When the mermen heard about Dombe, one of the them decided to visit the village, disguising himself as a human selling “samgong” or “bangle” to the village. After he finds Dombe, he is too ecstatic to see such beauty and desires the lady immensely. He put an enchanted bangle on Dombe’s wrist which cannot be taken off of her wrist. She tried to put the bangle out from her wrist but fail even after several attempts. Then Merman let her wear it but told her that he will come back for the bangle someday.

When Joreng knows about the incident he is determined to protect her and took her far away from the river and the merman, building a house on the top of the huge tree on the peak of the hill. A desperate and furious merman then cause the earthquake and engulfed her. Which later turned into a present-day mysterious lake ” Dombe Wari” or “Dome Lake”.

From Tura, West Garo Hills it will approximately take 3 hours by Car (72.1 km) via Chokpot Road. To reach the spot, a few hours of hiking but worth walking once you see the breathtaking views of the lake in the middle of the greenery hill.

Courtesy: Youtube/Milton Manda Sangma

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