December 5, 2022

Typhoon Nanmadol, described by the Japan Meteorological Agency as “powerful and severe,” is expected to make landfall in several areas of the nation this weekend, according to local media. The typhoon is expected to curve northeast over Japan’s major islands, bringing “exceptional” weather. According to regional news outlet Japan Times, the agency also declared that it was prepared to issue a “special warning” for some of Kyushu.

According to Bloomberg, which cited the national broadcaster NHK, Kagoshima City in southwest Japan has urged some 34,000 residents to evacuate in advance.

As the typhoon makes its approach toward southern Kyushu, roughly 1,000 kilometres from Tokyo, it is predicted to bring along severe winds with gusts up to 75 metres per second. On Saturday night and Sunday, it is most likely to hit Kyushu before changing course to the northeast and travelling along Honshu, the largest island in Japan.

The typhoon is predicted to bring strong waves, storm surges, landslides, flooding, and overflowing rivers, according to a Japanese weather agency. According to the Japan Times, it also mentioned that severe winds in some areas could cause homes to collapse. Additionally, the authorities have warned the populace to keep away from windows and in strong structures.

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