December 8, 2022

While trying to assess the interior of his genitalia, a youngster got a USB wire lodged inside his penis, which physicians had to medically remove.

In an odd type of “sexual exploration,” the 15-year-old British lad was trying to measure the interior of his private parts when the cable twisted itself and he was unable to untangle it.

The youngster started having blood in his pee as a result of the cable’s tangles and knots, and his mother hurried him to the doctor.

Only after his mother had left the room did he admit to the physicians that he had purposefully inserted the cable rather than using a ruler.
In the Science Direct report, doctors wrote: “While the central portion of the knotted wire remained inside the urethra, the two distal ports of the USB wire were discovered to be sticking out of the external urethral meatus. The patient was an otherwise healthy adolescent who had no prior history of mental health issues.”

The number of knots made it impossible for doctors to cut the cable with a metal rod, so they had to perform an operation.

In order to access the trapped cable, an insertion was made between his genitalia and anus, and catheters were attached.
The medics said, “Both ends of the wire were successfully drawn out through the external urethral meatus.”
The boy made a full recovery and was released. A week later, the catheters were withdrawn. His potential for long-term harm is being assessed.

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