December 8, 2022

On September 1, Twitter declared that it would soon begin testing the “edit button” feature. Only users of Twitter Blue, the company’s $4.99 per month premium service, will have access to the functionality, though.

The business announced earlier in April that it has begun developing the function for inclusion in 2021. The firm will first make the service available to Twitter Blue subscribers as it is designed to test features with these users’ early access, according to Jay Sullivan, general manager of the microblogging site’s consumer and revenue division, who tweeted the information on Thursday.

In a 2020 interview with Wired, Twitter’s then-CEO Jack Dorsey said that the business might “never” consider introducing the “edit tweet” option. He stated that his idea might encourage the dissemination of false information as the justification.

Some technological experts claim that a “edit tweet” capability would be used to change claims even after others had retweeted or supported the original statement.

Unsurprisingly, the most frequently requested feature on Twitter for a number of years has been an edit button.

Within 30 minutes after posting, Twitter Blue subscribers will now have a limited number of edits per tweet. By tapping on the tweet label, readers will also be able to see the modification history.

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