December 4, 2022

According to senior US officials, the US informally warned Russia of “catastrophic” repercussions if it used nuclear weapons in the invasion of Ukraine.

In a speech on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to deploy nuclear weapons in response to Ukrainian victories on the ground. He also announced the recruitment of reservists. In an interview that was televised on Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged rumors that the United States had privately warned Russia to avoid nuclear conflict.

In New York, Blinken said to CBS News’ “60 Minutes” on the eve of the UN General Assembly, “We have been very direct with the Russians publicly and, as well as personally, to stop the loose language about nuclear weapons.” “It’s critical that Moscow hears from us and understands the dire implications of its actions. And we have made that abundantly obvious “said Blinken. Any nuclear weapon use would have disastrous consequences not just for the nation wielding the weapon but also for a great number of other nations.

In a different interview on Sunday, Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to President Joe Biden, claimed that the United States has warned Russia at “extremely high levels” about the “catastrophic consequences” of using nuclear weapons.

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