December 8, 2022

In a horrific occurrence, Yogesh Gupta, a stage performer, passed away from a heart attack while on stage performing in the Bishnah neighbourhood of Jammu.

In Kothey village, Jammu, during the Ganesh Utsav programme, the tragedy happened when the performer was on stage. The artist, according to the accounts, was 20 years old.

Yogesh Gupta is seen performing at the Ganesh Utsav in the Bishnah neighbourhood of Jammu in a video that has gone popular on social media. Yogesh is dressed as Goddess Parvati.

He falls to the ground during the dance and continues dancing until he passes out. Mr. Gupta stays still as the music plays. Nobody responds for a while until another performer who is dressed as Lord Shiva enters the stage and checks on him. He can be seen pleading for assistance.

According to accounts, many spectators believed it to be a theatrical element. When the staff noticed Mr. Gupta was unconscious, they transported him to the hospital.

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