December 4, 2022

Indian family lived in Dubai, met with an accident where they have been swept away by the strong wave at Mughsayl Beach in the Dhofar region while they came to Oman to celebrate the Eid Al Adha holidays, making the trip to Salalah by road. They are originally from the town of Jath in the Indian state of Maharashtra.



The video shows how dramatically people near the rocky shore have been swept away into wild waves like a nightmare in a split of seconds. Reportedly, five people were felt into the sea and two unfortunately drowned, while the other three were missing. Although two bodies were discovered later. That incident occurred four days earlier on July 10.

The three missing people of two who were discovered were identified as 42-year-old Shashikant Mhamane, and his six-year-old son, Shreyas, according to media reports in India. The search for the third person involved in the drowning, his nine-year-old daughter, Shruti said to be still ongoing.

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